ODXStudio 5.0 SP2

Kategorie : Service Pack
Größe : 202.82 MB
MD5-Hash : 21f4647e88e24e397be804851510c5d3

Bringt bestehende Installationen der Version 5.0 auf den Stand 5.0 SP2. Der Service Pack setzt eine bereits installierte Version 5.0 voraus und ist nicht geeignet für ältere Versionen.

With ODXStudio 5.0 SP2, the following changes become effective:

New Features and Improvements

  • Performance improvement for "Cleanup..." menu (ODXS-48833)
    (ODX-D Native) For large ECU-SHARED-DATA documents using TABLEs, the performance was improved.
  • Support for Segnum > 99 in ODX-E MB Car View (ODXS-48739)
    (ODX-E MB Car) Extension of the value range for Segment numbers in the OEM specific perspective.
  • Daimler Flash Plugin (ODXS-48664)
    (Plugin) Provide a Plugin to create Daimler ODX-F containers via command line.

Issues solved

  • Detect also 64Bit CANdelaStudio installation (ODXS-48856)
    (Framework) ODXStudio now also automatically detects CANdelaStudio also if it is installed as 64Bit version.
  • Editing Fragments allows duplicate Bit Position (ODXS-48804)
    (ODX-E MB Car) In a specific case, it was possible to create Fragments with duplicate bit positions.
  • Grid on Right Hand Side looses Focus if Dependencies View is active (ODXS-48753)
    (ODX-D Native) In case the dependencies view was active, the focus was captured by the dependencies view. ShortCuts etc. on the right hand windows were not possible in this case.
  • Exception in ODX-E MB Truck invoking XLSX-Export (ODXS-48849)
    (ODX-E MB Truck) In case the Excel Export was invoked on the root node "ECU Configuration", an Exception occurred.
  • Gap between ComboBox and Tabs on RHS (ODXS-48811)
    (ODX-D Native) There was a huge gap between the selection combobox and the tabs on the right hand side of ODXStudio.
  • Issue with High DPI in Param Properties (ODXS-48834)
    (ODX-D Native) On High DPI displays the PARAM properties dialog did not display correctly.
  • Correctly determine CANdelaStudio 10 (ODXS-48872)
    (Framework) CANdelaStudio 10 is now detected correctly so that automatic ODX Export etc. works properly.



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