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  1. questionConverters cannot be selected any more
    Issue: Under WIN 7 converters can not be selected any more Solution: Please check if vector.ini is read protected and disable the read protection. The location of the used “vector.ini” can be determined under ? | About | More Info. Please check if chapter [CONVERTER] is existing. If ...

  2. questionConverting a CANalyzer or CANcaseXL log file into a CANape MDF file
    It is very important that you add the databases in the converter options dialog! Open CANape, and the CANalyzer logging converter options dialog File | Converter Options | Vector logging converter Add the appropriate databases Import the log file (.log, .blf, .asc, .xlg) File | Import | Vect ...

  3. questionDifferences in CANoe/CANalyzer or CANape Trace window
    The behaviour of the Trace window in CANoe/CANalyzer and in CANape is different - due to a different product philosophy. E. g. at measurement stop in CANoe: no further messages will be shown in the Trace window. In CANape, messages can still be sent e. g. with a script. The Trace window is in ...

  4. questionHow can I merge MDF files?
    1. With CANape script function "MergeMeasurementFiles". Example: MergeMeasurementFiles("result.mdf", 19, 0.1, 0, "C:\\files\\A*.mdf", "D:\\files\\A*.mdf"); The example creates a file result.mdf by merging all files mathing A*.mdf in folders C:\files and D:\files. It overwrites the destination ...

  5. questionHow to change scaling of X-, Y-, and XY-axis with the mouse?
    Possibility 1: The scaling of the different axis can be changed with the mouse wheel scroll. For this, click on the respective axis and use the mouse wheel to change the scaling. Changes at the X-axis (time) concern every signal in the window Changes at the Y-axis concern only the selected sign ...

  6. questionHow to configure the trace window in CANape to analyse CCP/XCP communication?
    The following Support Note describes how to configure the trace window to analyse CCP or XCP communication in CANape.

  7. questionHow to display more information in the legend of the graphical window?
    With a double click in the graphics window (focus on: Configuration | Signals) followed by a right click to the column bar, you may add additonal information columns. E.g., the values and the gradients are shown regarding the position of the measurement cursor (much more information is available)

  8. questionHow to identify signal in Graphical Window
    In single signal mode , there are two possibilities to visualize the signals: Visualize only the selected signals with their color Visualize only the selected signals with their color, the other signals are white

  9. questionHow to read an array with more than 16 values?
    You first need to start the CANape database editor (choose Editor from the Database menu, or press [F6]) In the database editor, choose Settings database/Map files from the Tools menu. Click on Map File(s) and then on Edit. Go to Options and set the value in Maximal array size field to at least ...

  10. questionHow to use the common axis?
    The common axis represents a list of signals with the same Y-scaling. It is just a grouping of single sgnals to one axis. A common axis can also be created when another signal is added to an already inserted signal in the Graphic window by drag & drop. Doing so the signal needs to be taken t ...

  11. questionIs a signal already used in the configuration?
    To find out, if a signal is already used in one of the configuration windows, there are two possibilities: 1. In the Symbol Explorer you'll find all signals under measurement list or calibration object. To find out, if a signal is already used, right click on the respective signal and choose "Se ...

  12. questionOffline analyzing of signals with different source and channel
    For this purpose, it is necessary to set the global option Optional source and channel under Tools | Options | Measurement and Evaluation | Load MDF File | Referencing of signals as shown in the following screenshot:

  13. questionSynchronizing the graphic windows by an offline analysis with the video in Advanced Multimedia
    There is a global measurement cursor that can be used to find the same point in all the display windows (Analysis | Global measurement cursor). When the cursor is enabled, you can then move the cursor in one window and it will go to the same point in time in all the other windows.

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